The Frick Collection

5 februari-10 mei
Number of visitors 172.883

Ian Wardropper (Director The Frick Collection): ‘As Director of The Frick Collection I worked with my collegues to install Vermeer, Rembrandt, Hals: Masterpieces of Dutch Painting from the Mauritshuis here in 2013-2014. We have also been collaborating with the staff of the Mauritshuis to organise the exchange exhibition The Frick Collection: Art Treasures from New York. Both are exceptional for our institution: the first was the most popular show in our history, while the second marks the first time we have ever sent an exhibition to another museum.’


The Case of Saul and David

11 June-13 September
Number of visitors 121.079

Joris Dik (Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Professor at Delft University of Technology): ‘We often look at paintings today without knowing exactly what we’re seeing. What percentage of the painting was actually by Rembrandt and how much was done by pupils or followers? What have conservators added or overpainted later? What did the painting originally look like, and which elements have changed as a result of chemical processes? The paintings we’ve investigated recently are test cases. By scanning more paintings and amalgamating all the data, I expect to discover a leitmotif, with which we can predict future chemical changes in paintings. And that’s where we want to be.’

A reconstruction of Saul and David in the original format made by Océ Technologies, hung alongside with the actual work in the exhibition. The reconstruction showed surviving sections printed in 3D, and the missing parts in 2D in neutral colours. ‘Museums have been cautious so far, but the Mauritshuis accepted the challenge. I believe we can make many more reconstructions.’


Dutch Self-Portraits

8 October 2015-3 January 2016
Number of visitors 102.563

Ariane van Suchtelen (Curator Mauritshuis): ‘While preparing an exhibition, you can almost see the pictures hanging in your mind’s eye. That is particularly so with this subject - all those artists would have had to peer into a mirror with great concentration in order to paint their self-portraits. The spectacular design involving mirrors meant that we could even see reflected images twice and with the mirror-image effect eliminated, and it exceeded our wildest dreams.’


Velázquez in the Gallery

1 October-29 November
Number of visitors 4.706


Mr. Fernando Arias, Ambassador of Spain: ‘The Embassy of Spain in the Hague has collaborated with the Mauritshuis in disseminating the successful exhibition Portrait of Don Diego de Acedo by Velázquez in the Prince William V Gallery. This exhibition has been the result of the fruitful collaboration of the Mauritshuis and the Prado Museum in Madrid. It has represented a good example of cultural cooperation to increase the knowledge of a unique masterpiece by the renowned Spanish painter, whose work is not usually on display in The Netherlands.’